Collection: Emmanuelle Khanh Sunglasses

Emmanuelle Khanh: how the iconic Sunglasses were born

Born in Paris in 1937, Emmanuelle Khanh was a revolutionary woman who brought fashion from the catwalk to the faces of the people. His fashion house has put the figure of the woman of the 60s and 70s at the center: strong, eccentric, emerging.

The story of Emmanuelle Khanh, the designer who revolutionized eyewear

At the age of 17, the young Emmanuelle Khanh began a modeling career for Haute Couture , and frequented the big names in fashion Balenciaga and Givenchy .
He is passionate about fashion , he understands that it is his path to which he dedicates his whole life .

Emmanuelle Khanh launches her Brand : she frees fashion from the Parisian salons by bringing it to the streets. Her clothing style combines embroidery with new fabric materials that offer women ease of movement and comfort: innovation and tradition come together to create a new concept of fashion.

The Emmanuelle Khanh Sunglasses Collection

In 1971 he launched his Collection of Eyeglasses and Sunglasses designing a range of eyewear with strong and voluminous frames with simple lines that were instantly iconic. The glasses become a real fashion accessory with their metallic decorations and gold engravings that still represent it today and make it recognizable. Emmanuelle Khanh Sunglasses and Eyeglasses have been designed for a strong, eccentric, classy Woman who wants to establish herself and be recognized for her Oversized Glasses .