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Methium | Liz | Turtle

Methium | Liz | Turtle

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Metio Eyeglasses and Sunglasses are 100% Made in Puglia eyewear personally handmade by their designers. Pasquale Giangaspero and his son, Giovanni, perfectly combine goldsmithing, their work, and the world of eyewear, creating unique products. The design is simple, clean, essential and at the same time unique, sober, elegant. Each eyewear is meticulously handmade and personally created by its creators who follow each frame from the design to the finished product.

The glasses are supplied with the original case and microfiber for cleaning. Remember that for any type of advice or simply to ask for advice, you can also contact us on Whatsapp  unknown.webp 371 3669162


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  • LENS DIAMETER: 51 mm
  • LENGTH OF RODS: 145 mm

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