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Platoy by Akira Ishiwatari

Platy | Sky | Burn Red

Platy | Sky | Burn Red

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Platoy Eyeglasses are pieces of art for their unique peculiarity and style.
These are handmade glasses, finished and made to be worn every day and not feel the weight while being present and distinctive

Platoy Sky Eyeglasses

The Sky model by Platoy is a rectangular celluloid eyewear in fire red color with a marble effect. It also fits well with high diopter lenses due to its small, rectangular shape.
The frame is particular, the temple has gentle curves that accompany the glasses behind the ear to make it fit, guaranteeing unique comfort.

The details and finishes of the glasses are described inside both auctions. Each piece is handmade by the Faoflex manufacturing company, by the craftsman Fabio Stramare.


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  • LENS DIAMETER: 49 mm
  • LENGTH OF RODS: 145 mm

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